How To Match Jewelry To Beauty And Face Shape ?


Universal Tips for Pairing Jewelry: 5 Key Insights

Well-chosen accessories have the ability to elevate a simple outfit into something extraordinary, and jewelry is no exception. However, achieving the desired effect requires skillful combination, as it's easy to go overboard. Explore how to pair jewelry and what mistakes to avoid. The key to accessorizing is often the "less is more" rule.

1. When Is Jewelry Too Much?

The appropriateness of your jewelry choices depends on what you're wearing. If you opt for a monochromatic outfit in muted tones, feel free to confidently wear earrings, an ankle chain, a necklace, and a ring. However, if other elements of your look are bold, such as vibrant colors or distinctive prints, opt for smaller earrings, like studs.

The answer to how to pair jewelry with clothing also depends on the character of the outfit itself. If you lean towards a rock or bohemian style, don't hesitate to complement the look with some bracelets or rings. For formal, work, or evening attire, try to limit the quantity of jewelry to avoid diverting attention from the rest of your ensemble.

Stylist Tip: Avoid concentrating too many pieces of jewelry in one place. If you're wearing a sizable stone-covered bracelet, skip the ring. When selecting a necklace, forget about earrings.

2. Matching Jewelry to Beauty Type and Face Shape

Well-chosen accessories can enhance beauty and conceal imperfections, while poor choices may accentuate flaws. So, which jewelry should you choose for the best effect?

  • If your beauty type is spring (light complexion with warm undertones, blond or light red hair, and blue or light green eyes), opt for gold, rose gold, bronze, and brass jewelry.
  • For summer beauty types (light complexion with cool undertones, platinum blond or gray hair, dark blond or black hair with cool undertones, and gray, gray-blue, or gray-green eyes), go for silver, platinum, steel, and white gold jewelry.
  • If you fall into the autumn beauty type (golden complexion, often with freckles, warm undertones, red or reddish-brown hair, and green or brown eyes), favor gold, bronze, and brass jewelry.
  • Winter beauty types (very light complexion with cool pink undertones, black hair, and dark eyes) should opt for silver, platinum, and white gold jewelry.

3. Can Gold and Silver Be Worn Together?

Until recently, the resounding answer to this question was "no," with stylists emphasizing that gold should be paired with gold and silver with silver. However, this rule is gradually becoming outdated, and the question of combining these two tones is approached more liberally.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean total freedom. So, how do you mix gold and silver? Remember that color isn't everything; the styles of the jewelry should also match. Also, keep in mind that the more formal the occasion, the less freedom you have. In other words, a formal dinner or banquet is not the right place to experiment, but an informal gathering with friends absolutely is!

If you want to try combining gold and silver but fear doing it incorrectly, enhance your collection with earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace in both materials. These solutions are increasingly appearing among stylist recommendations.

4. Combining Bracelets and Watches: Can You (and How)?

You won't be surprised to hear that the "less is more" rule applies here as well. Matching a bracelet with a watch is allowed but in moderation. In this case, the watch should take center stage, so pair it with small bracelets, such as chain points, for example.

Another rule is to keep accessories in the same style. If you have women's watches with a gold or silver bracelet, it's better to forgo a cord or leather bracelet—or any DIY bracelet—these go much better with a leather bracelet watch that has a less "jewelry" feel. And vice versa—bracelets in gemstones or precious metals won't go well with a sports or leather watch.

In any case, in another one of my articles, you can read about choosing a watch for women.

5. How to Coordinate Colors with Jewelry?

In principle, gold jewelry looks best against warm tones. Gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings pair especially well with red, yellow, and orange, as well as deep plum or dark blue. Avoid wearing gold jewelry with a pure white suit or shirt—this metal pairs better with off-white or beige.

On the contrary, if you plan to wear a dress in cool tones, match it with silver jewelry. In this case, not only will light blue, turquoise, violet, or green be ideal, but also pastels and basic colors: black, white, and gray.